"Wig! It's not just a way of life, it's an explosive reaction against the tension of living in an insane century."

HWY 62 completed last night, at 12!

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Hey gang, the albums in the can, I’m really excited about it! More news soon!

Songwriter’s Workshop starts in San Francisco, 1/24!

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I’m teaching song workshops in SF, at Blue Bear Music School. Here is a link to the information, They are accepting reservations for the class now.


Let me know if you have any questions!

A Street Singer’s Christmas

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The year wound out magnificently, days dropping off like chunks of liquor store ice, into the big muddy river of time, drifting away and melting in the raging currents of life.

Or something like that.

It’s late December, 1973 in San Francisco, and I’m down at Market and Powell wearing my ragged winter hand- me-downs, looking for a place to set my case amidst another streaming current, the xmas shoppers pushing and stomping their way to the next shop, to the next item on their list, past the ringing salvation army trio, and the finger pointing psycho preacher at the cable car turn around.

‘ You! Will! Burrrrrnnnnn!’ he screams looking right at me… I look away and keep walking… recoil at his threat… same to you, pal, fuck off!

Its cold, wet, not raining anymore, but it was pouring an hour ago. Seems like it’s getting dark and the day’s just begun. I’m alone, got 25 cents left from yesterday’s busk session… don’t know where Johnny’s been lately, haven’t seen him since he took off to Hayward with Nicole last week. Bert’s been scarce lately as well, he’s been somewhere with his swedish girl, and I don’t know how he’s making it.

I’m broke, hungry, and 19 years old. Something will turn up. I turn right up Powell and walk as fast as I can up to Union Square, set down my case at the entrance to the square, on the corner, and start singing and playing Sleepy John Estes’, ‘Broke and Hungry’, bangin’ the snaky riff over and over on my Yamaki deluxe.

A few people toss quarters as they hurry past, and two wino’s, sitting on a wall farther back in the park, look up, do a slow double take, then start ambling my way. They’ve been sharing a bottle of Night Train Express wine, or something, but it’s all gone now. (Night Train’s beautiful label, of the locamotive blazing down a midnight rail!) They look like they’d be glad to get their hands on a quarter or two.

My fingers are cramped from pressing down the metal strings in the cold, the case is open and bare, the couple of quarters I’ve made so far could buy me a pork bun over in Chinatown, so I’m considering quitting and making the long trudge through the Stockton tunnel over to North Beach, when here comes John.

John’s an old time hippie from up in the Haight, I know him from around town, he’s been here since the ‘67 boom. John has long dirty blonde hair, big ragged side burns, is wearing a black stove pipe hat on his head, also wears an old fashioned long coat with tails against the chill, ragged jeans with piebald patches, and big worn out work boots. He’s hauling a trumpet case, tho’, and I’ve always thought of him as a guitar player.

We greet each other in the gloom of the fading afternoon. ‘Hey Peter… what’s goin’ on, man? how you doin’ out here? Where’s Johnny? You feel like sittin’ in?’ He glances in my empty case and gets the picture…

‘Today should be a great day out here, man… let’s team up, go down to the turn around, we’ll be shovelling it in down there.’

I’m glad to have a partner today, so I pick up and we work our way through the crowd, back down the couple of blocks, to the red bricks at Market.

‘Look, Peter… here’s the thing out here: you can’t play what you want to hear. You gotta play the song you hate the most. Name a song you hate, one you really can’t stand.’ I pause for a second and he says ‘you hate Alley Cat, don’t you? Most guys hate that one.’

I think of the cornball Al Hirt standard: ‘yeah, I can’t stand that.’

‘Good’ he says. ‘Play along with me, and watch this.’

We start playing the cloying and cheesy Al Hirt hit, John taking the lead clumsily on the trumpet, me doing my best to back it with the proper orchestral chords.

We haven’t been at it for 15 seconds when a passing women shopper throws a handful of change in the box. A man doubles back and puts a dollar bill in the case. A small crowd starts to gather. Some tourists take our picture, then come forward and put a twenty in the case. John stops blowing horn for a second, and reaches the sawbuck out of there and into his pocket for safe keeping.

We make 33 dollars in the first 15 minutes.

‘The secret, man, is, you gotta play the song you hate the most. That’s the one that makes the money. Let’s keep playing Alley Cat. You gotta keep goin’, past where you’re sick to death of it. Just keep goin’. Trust me.’

I believe him, and we keep playing. And playing. And playing. ’til I think I’m gonna lose my mind, that my fingers are gonna freeze and break…but the money is FLYING in to our case.

It’s the best session for the money I think I’ve ever seen out here.

We play ’til the traffic dies, until this, the second-to-last-shopping-day-before-christmas is over, and when we finally pack up, we each pocket a nearly a hundred bucks, by far the best day I’ve ever had busking.

We run into Johnny just as we’re closing up shop, he’s back in the city, he’s come down here looking for me, and he plays ten minutes or so of Alley Cat with us, so he can make some dough too, and then we pack it up, and catch the N Judah streetcar up to the Haight , getting off after the tunnel, across from John’s Carl Street pad. We decide to celebrate for a while, first stopping at a liquor store, to get some supplies.

Once we get to John’s we all go into his little music room at the front of the house, sit around the piano with the little christmas tree on top, and for the rest of the night, we sing the songs we love.

HWY 62 Sessions begin December 1 in Los Angeles!

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Recording commences in LA for the HWY 62 CD/LP. I’ll be in the studio with DJ Bonebreak of X on drums, and David Carpenter, of Dead Rock West (and my group The Deal Breakers!) on electric and upright bass. There will be a number of special guests performing on the various tracks. The record will be produced by yours truly, in association with Grammy-winning producer Sheldon Gomberg.

Song titles include Magic In Reverse, All Dressed Up (For Trial), If I Go Crazy, and Water From A Stone.

The recording has been funded by a very successful Kickstarter campaign that concluded at the end of Summer. It will be my first record of new original songs since 2010’s Wig!

The record is scheduled for a late May/ June release.

It’s been a long time…

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…between posts. The Kickstarter wrapped, a success! Thanks to all my fans who supported the making of HWY 62!!! I’ve been hard on the road since then, also working on new songs, which I’ll be recording in December for the record. More touring ahead, Texas and Oklahoma, in November. Check the tour listings!

New songs, a little time off to work in SF…that’s about the size of it.

Oh yeah, a new book Subterranean Hum, available at Amazon, or soon, here at my store. It’s poetry, similar to the last one Epistolary Rex, but different.

Talk to you all soon, feel free to leave a comment, I’ll answer your questions etc…

all the best

Kickstarter Campaign Off And RUNNING!

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People always ask me “When are you playing in SF?” OK! THIS IS IT! May 31, KC TURNER CONCERT SERIES to attend: rsvp@kcturnerpresents.com

This Saturday! Seattle/ Tacoma area!

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April 19, 2014

LRC @ Morso Wine Bar
Gig Harbor, WA
9014 Peacock Hill Avenue at North Harborview Drive
Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Ryans Budget Police Confront Supreme Court; Would Cut $5, Strike Down Trillions Of Mentally Ill Suspects, Limit on A Decade of Federal Campaign.

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The unveiling of James Boy Tuesday, of Represenative Paul, a homeless man camping in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Ryan’s newest Republican Foothills here, to major campaign finance, may have redrawn the commands of the police decision striking down some battle lines for the 2014 election officers who were trying to move down some limits on federal campaigns.

With complete control of him, contributions for the first time of the Congress and allowing the problem, was that Mr Boyd issued near the start, of Democrats to broaden the 38, had a history of mental money plays in American Political terrain beyond health and illness, and so was living in a decision by a care and the narrower issues of different reality, one in which the 5-4-vote along the minimum wage, was a federal agent. Ideological lines, unemployment benefits, someone to be bossed around with the Courts committee chairman, and department of Defense, a possible White House contender, killed him, saying he had struck down limits in 2016, laid out a budget plan, pulled out two knives on an independent, that cuts $5 trillion in campaign spending that threatened their lives over the next decade.

He said it in a helmet camera and released by direct contributions and taxes into balance by 2024, the Albuquerque Police and political parties, steep cuts in Medicaid, and some violence in decision in food stamps and the total death, but it has also focused that second kind of increase, where people 65 and older could, sometimes with deadly consequences, currently donate $2,600, buy private insurance and general elections.

And now for the news! From today’s New York Times:

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“This budget stops spending money on the flawed switch, and GM’s failure writes Mr Ryan to correct it. For more than a decade Republican party‚Äôs vice presidential automaker has linked 13 deaths to the presidential contender in 2016, and to other models. In her prepared campaign manifesto to investigators on Monday, Ms. Barra fixed into law the budget plan, later this year for a safety defect to be approved.
If Republican leaders cannot muster the engine running after the key had been easy to get, it may never come to a repurchased car in Florida ,where some Republicans may be found, including one who was not cutting spending enough, and reselling lemons, for too much. GM spokes man embraced other models and Democrats launched a Highway Traffic attack on it, while most prepared ambitious advocates for lemon programs linked.”