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San Francisco Songwriter’s Workshop, starts January 12, 2013

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Date: 18 December 2012
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For the first time ever, Peter Case is bringing the songwriter’s workshop he founded at the world-famous McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica directly to Bay Area musicians in San Francisco for six weeks beginning January 12. Case is a three-time Grammy-nominated, performing singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer who brings 25 years of songwriting experience to this exciting and popular workshop. Beginning with an exploration of the craft involved in the classic songs of Dylan and the Beatles, to songs of the present day, we learn techniques for producing ideas, exercises for improving the vividness and power of our songs, and many tricks of the trade. Topics include song structure, bridges, guitar tunings as a compositional tool, and breaking through “writer’s block.” Every week there is a songwriting assignment designed to integrate what you’ve learned in class with your own ideas and inspiration. The workshop is an encouraging, friendly, and at times humorous environment. People are invited to bring their acoustic guitar (or other portable instrument), a notebook and pen, and you will be encouraged to play the week’s assigned song in the workshop (though performance is not mandatory).

The workshop convenes from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on Saturdays, January 12 —February 23 (6 sessions). Cost is $300. The class is limited to 12 students and pre-enrollment is highly recommended. For further information as well as directions to the mid-city location, send e-mail to case_peter@hotmail.com.

3 responses to San Francisco Songwriter’s Workshop, starts January 12, 2013

  • Art says:

    A few years ago, Peter Case introduced me to Dylan (lyrically and musically speaking — not in person). Somehow I missed Dylan while growing up the eighties. Well, that’s not exactly accurate; I knew of the social image that was loosely understood to be “Dylan”, and bought Infidels when it came out, but I didn’t have the depth of experience (both in writing as in life) to understand what I was listening to. Then, much much later in my mid-40s, my wonderful wife arranged for me to spend 8 Saturdays with Peter Case, then in Santa Monica, in his beginning songwriting workshop. There, we looked at Dylan’s words and rhythms (as well as Peter’s own, and so many other great writers’ songs) and, all of a sudden, having lived a bit more, I found what so many others have before and which I, like so many others, find immensely personal — the mastery of the craft that is Bob Dylan, and a start at understanding my Self, as well.

    Anyway, Peter has moved back to the place of his earliest home in California and the setting of many of his greatest songs — San Francisco. Still committed to sharing the songwriting experience with others, Peter is bringing his workshop there this month. And, I will tell you, he will continue to introduce folks to and prepare them for Dylan. And he will continue to introduce folks to themselves, as well.

    If you are in the Bay Area, do not miss this opportunity!!!


  • Art says:

    One more thing, though, to be clear … Peter’s workshop is not a class on Dylan. Dylan is just a part. Peter’s workshop is really, at its core, at least for me, a workshop in finding one’s own voice. And whose voice would I rather have than my own. Still working on it, but finding it easier as time goes by …

  • Art says:

    on the subject of songwriting, Marshall Crenshaw made an astute and wholly accurate observation in an interview in American Songwriter this month: “This guy is not underrated by people who know his work, but I just did an edition of my radio show made up mostly of Peter Case tunes, including some tracks from a great 3-CD Peter Case tribute album, A Case For Case. He’s one of the best I can think of.”